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Basic Birth Doula Package

Three visits before birth to discuss your preferences. These visits are an hour each. One attendance to an appointment with your care provider. Text support when you have questions or concerns. I am here to help you. The basic package includes 12 hours of labor support with a $15/hr for anything after that. I provide up to 2 hours of post-birth support if you feel you need it. Includes one postpartum visit.

Personal Childbirth Education Course

A Childbirth education course personalized to the information that you are wanting/needing. This may include partners or anyone who may be present during the birth. We can cover topics such as labor positions, comfort techniques, pain management, seeking informed consent, etc. This course is 3-5hrs spreadout so that we can cover what you need.

Basic Postpartum Doula Package

Total of 12 hours. Can be split 3 ways. 2 shifts-6hrs each, 3 shifts-4hrs, or 4 shifts- 3hrs. Shifts include emotional support through listening, help with tasks related to baby such as diapering, feeding, bathing, babywearing, etc., light housework, general errands, help with other children, assistance with meal prep., and more depending on what your needs are.

Discounts available when booking more than one service. Looking for services a bit different than above? Reach out and we can discuss.

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