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Thomas Birth Services LLC

Full-Spectrum Doula, Breastfeeding Support, Childbirth Education

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About Me

During my pregnancy, I wish I had known that there were more options for support. Before the day I was in labor, I had never heard of a doula and did not know at the time what an impression a single nurse would have on me today. This nurse stayed to support me and act as my doula of sorts. She got me through an unmedicated birth and reminded me I needed to breathe when I had forgotten to do so. She told me I could do it and I believed her every word. She was so kind and gentle with her words; I remember her telling me I was doing amazing. Her voice, her presence, and just being there to look after me was the greatest gift.

I struggled with infertility and loss before I had my rainbow baby. This has strengthened me and led to my pursuit of education so that I may support others through their journey to parenthood. My breastfeeding journey gave me insight into some of the most common struggles that come along and my education has deepened my knowledge of what is not normal so that I may help others seek professionals when necessary.

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Care Philosophy

Parents deserve to be supported and empowered in their choices during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. I am here to help you find your power and educate you so that you can be prepared for what may come up in these times of your life. 


Home Visits

Prenatal and Postpartum visits in the comfort of home are available.

Breastfeeding Education

Whether you are new or experienced with breastfeeding, I can provide education in this area and help you with referrals to professionals for any concerns.

Birth Doula

Empower yourself with education and support throughout the whole experience. Know what your options are before the special moment arrives so that you can feel confident and happy with your birth.

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